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Why Buy Handmade Organic Soaps?

Handmade soaps are made of various vegetable oils, fats and butters which are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients that are essential to healthy skin. I work hard to find wonderful healthy ingredients to create more and more beneficial soaps for your skin.


Organic Soaps moisturize and clean naturally as opposed to using harsh chemicals like petroleum, parabens and sulfates which can aggravate allergies, cause hormonal changes and increase the risk of some types of cancer.


My Boticario’s Handmade Organic Soaps are made in small batches and can be easily tailored to fit your skin’s needs and your preferences.


My Boticario use responsibly sourced natural ingredients with no pesticides or chemicals so there is no need to test our products on animals like the chemically altered “soaps” from big manufacturers. We are truly animal friendly and cruelty free. To add to that, there is no toxic waste from handmade organic soap!


Rich in antioxidants, no preservatives, eco and animal friendly, skin nourishing glycerin and with natural antibacterial properties. Isn’t it time to consider My Boticario’s Handmade Organic Soap for you and your family?