What's the Deal With Hempseed Oil?

Hempseed Oil moisturizes without clogging your pores

and regulates you skins oil production creating a perfect balance.

Gamma Linolenic Acid in Hempseed Oil acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory while simultaneously encouraging skin growth and new cell generation.

The ever important Omega-3s and Omega-6s can treat Atopic Dermatitis, reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

There are so many studies currently being conducted on the benefits of Hempseed Oil. i am excited to post just a few of the conclusions

Data suggests that Hemp seed Oil can help with certain health issues such as inflammation and skin conditions. Why? Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, including Omega-3s and Omega-6s.

Hempseed Oils not only contains these vital PUFAs, the ratio is 3:1 which is proposed to be the ideal ratio.

A study done in 2011 suggests that adding omega 3's such as those found in Hempseed Oil can reduce inflammation. Inflammation can contribute to diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

A 2018 study concludes that hempseed oil is a potent and potentially universal anti-acne treatment.

In 2005 a 20 week study concluded that Hempseed Oil resulted in the improvement of Eczema Symptoms.

The same was indicated in a 2015 study for Psoriasis!

Yet again a recent study indicates that Hempseed Oil is useful for the treatment of Lichen Planus. This same study suggests that Hempseed Oil can contribute to stronger skin that is more resistant to viral, bacterial and fungal infections!

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